Monday, July 25, 2011

More Custom Orders!

Wedding season is certainly here!
Last week I put together an order for a lovely Bride-To-Be that I shipped to Hong Kong!
I made 470 paper flowers in only 3 days!
That was quite intence...With the help of my wonderful husband and despite the power outage due to extreme hot weather...I successfully completed the order!
I proudly took the big box to the Post Office early Thusrday morning!

I made the flowers to complement the fantastic decor the Bride is going to have at her wedding!
I used my Berry, Bubble Gum and Purple colored cardstock.

Here is the picture of the decor:

The flowers:

and the packaging:

I can't wait for the Bride to receive her blooms...I hope to see some pictures of the flowers on all her favor boxes!

How about an Orange, Pink and Yellow wedding?
A super sweet Mother of the Bride will be making Pomanders for the decoration and she order quite a bit of flowers from my shop! I gave myself a good 2 weeks to complete this order!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Addition to my Wedding Collection and More!

Awwww ...Weddings! Such a beautiful and romantic event! I LOVE weddings! 
I decided to add another accessory to my wedding collection:
  The Pomander!

And while I was in a super creative mood....I embellished a lampshade with The lady Flora Collection!
This will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any home decor! From the little princess bedroom to a fabulous workspace! I made one with gold flowers for my bedside table...My lamp is very old...but I thought to refresh it with my blooms! I think the turn-out is PERFECT!