Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Flower Collection launched!

(The Lady Flora)
Perfect as a gift embellishmnet!

For a while now I wanted to created new designs of paper flowers...They are finally here!!! I'm very pleased with the outcome! The funny thing is, as I was working on designing "The Lady flora" husband suggest to make one a little more flat! So...The Rosalyn flower came to life!!! What a great guy!!! Not only he's very supportive of my craft...He enjoy being part of it!!! 

The Lady Flora Collection!


  1. Wow ! The Lady Flora Collection is just beautiful!! so lovely to see them here !! Well Done!!

  2. Wow!!
    Those flowers are so beautiful that they look real!!

  3. I love paper too, and these flowers are gorgeous! So is your blog, by the way. :)

    ~ miss chris

  4. your flowers are gorgeous - would make a beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day and wouldn't have to worry about them wilting :)

  5. You have such beautiful flowers! Can't wait to get the ones I ordered :)

  6. these are lovely!!!
    I am awarding you the stylish blogger award!
    To pick it up there are a couple of things you need to do -check out my blog post