Saturday, December 17, 2011

* Famous * Paper Flowers...

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have something to reveal...Something pretty awesome!

A few months ago...Avon  - New York
contacted me and purchased a selection of my handmade 
paper flowers for a commercial photos shoot...
The wonderful Senior Art Director kindly
explained  to me that from the shoot to
 the actual printing of the catalogue...the concept
might change...So, no guaranty for my flowers to
be part of the backdrop for the 2012 Spring Jewelry Collection.
No need to say that when I finally received the photos
from Avon...I was very proud of my little blooms...
They look so pretty...their appearance is very discreet...nonetheless
they are going to be noticed by millions of Avon clients around the world!

Here are some previews of the Spring 2012 Campaign #  7 
(also in the December 2011  Advance booklet - Campaign # 26)
 my Daisy Girl - lower left  
my yellow Rosetta - upper right

The lovey white and yellow Marigold.


  1. Awesome news is sure right - Congrats!

  2. Congrats Chantal....VERY proud of you and your successes!

  3. Thank everyone for your kind words! I've been working very hard for the last few's starting to pay off!!! More great news to share in the beginning of the new year! ;o) xx

  4. This is fantastic Chantal! Congratulations!

  5. Oh how pretty your blooms look - congratulations!