Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Organize...

Happy Saturday everyone!
Any special plans you have for the weekend?

My weekend is going to be busy...other than having to complete a couple flower orders...I NEED to re-organize my work space!!! I can't see where I'm going anymore!!!

This is what part of my studio looked like a few months ago:
 Trust sure don't look like that anymore!

I need to make a trip to Ikea and get another shelves unit like this one...and replace those plastic drawers with a big armoire...I'll keep you posted with photos once done!!!

For the physical part of organization I'm doing pretty good...Now I need to organize all the projects Dragonfly Expression have on the go at the moment...I'm paper and pen and  making "list" type of girl...but I need to get more efficient...I have to view on a daily basis where I'm you have tips you'd like to share on how to get and STAY organize in the multitude of projects I'm working on? 
Any help would be welcome and appreciate...

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