Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weddings, Vintage Peacock and More!

As promissed...new photos of fabulous paper flowers created for weddings and special events!

But I must say...it's been a challenge to get these all done...
we have been having extreme weather...
Extreme Heat!!! 
I don't have air conditionning...so, I'm cooling off by taking cold showers and having the fan full speed on me!! Even if I had AC...I wouldn't use it that much...I have some kind of allergic reaction to it!! Oh! well...I start working at 5:00 am before the heat transformes me into a melted creature!!...lol...I'm just a bit slower than usual! But it doesn't affect my creativity...I just love the "Vintage Peacock" wedding collection I created for a lovely Bride-To-Be...She was a total delight to work with...The wedding is this coming weekend...
So exciting!!

I had so much fun taking these photos...I used my wedding dress for some backgrounds! I also found a super fun photos editing website (Lunapic) where I like to use the "retro" setting to make the photos look vintage!

here is another wedding I did...
The Sweet bride needed 140 Full Bloom Dahlia in a deep purple colors...


Can you say F A B U L O U S !!!!!!!

Cobal Blue Rosetta Flower!

Colorful Rosetta Escort Cards!

More Photos to come!

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  1. Wow, the Vintage Peacock colors are so sophisticated! Fabulous work as usual (even the heat can't beat you)!