Friday, October 26, 2012

1950 Retro Inspired Professional Photos Shoot...

Happy Friday everyone!

Today...I'm sharing  fabulous photographs with you...
Dzesika from {Dzesika} Devic Fotos took those stunning shots a while back...I was hoping the photos would be used in a wedding article written about my handmade paper flower bouquets...Since they didn't make it...I promised myself I would write about Dzesika's extraordinary work and boast her talent in capturing emotions and sharp eye to make the little details stand out!

A while back...A dear friend of mine from the Canadian West Coast had sent me the link to view Dzesika's fabulous work...I immediately fell in love with her style...The vintage/Retro look...Since I've work with professional photographers in the past...I contacted Dzesika offering a custom paper floral arrangement that she could use in one of her shoot and in exchange I could use the photos in my shop, Facebook Page and of course Blog! It worked out so nice...A young couple was schedule to have their 1st wedding anniversary shoot and the theme was 1950 Retro Inspired!...This is what I came up with:

As I mentionned...The couple in the photos just celebrated their first year anniversary, the day of the shoot they celebrated five years of being together, 
her dress is her grandmothers who wore it on her first date with her grandfather. 
His shirt was her grandfathers. How romantic is that?

What makes Dzesika an AUTHENTIC Vintage Wedding & Engagement Photographer?

In her own words: "...We underestimate the value of nostalgia. Nostalgia is important. It reminds us of who we are, and where we came from. It anchors us emotionally. It gives us somewhere safe to retreat to. It fills us with warmth and sinks deep into us.
You need it. I crave it, too. For me, I’m fortunate. All it takes to bring it back is my parents’ old photo albums.
That’s all I care about now, when it comes to taking photographs. My goal as your wedding photographer is to perfectly capture your moments of love, pride, and joy, and save them for you in your very own nostalgia vault."
You can view more of  Dzesika's FANTASTIC work here:
I sure hope I'll get to work with this talented photographer again! ;o) Until then...have a lovely weekend!

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