Saturday, November 17, 2012


Flower by Dragonfly Expression - Photo by Orange Girl

Happy Saturday Lovelies!
Busy one for me...I must take care of the grocery shopping duty and  than I can settle at my work table to play with my paper...I have so many new ideas...But, for some reason this past week I felt like I was hitting a wall...NO INSPIRATION what so ever...I had a fantastic themed wedding to do (a bit Rock & Roll) and I couldn't make myself to do it...I had to redo the bouquet so many times...But NO fear...It's all done now and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!...I did one bride bouquet, 4 bridesmaids and 2 corsages and boutennieres...Oh! and I made a fabulous flower for the bride  to wear in her hair...
I'm dying to share with you photos but the super sweet Bride-To-Be kindly asked me to keep it all secret until the wedding day...So, we'll have to wait a few more weeks! 
PATIENCE friends...I have many other things to share!


First...This summer I had made little Rosetta flowers for a wedding planner...Michele had told me the wedding was no regular event and that every details must be perfect...Michele even sent me the paper she was using to make the menus for the dinner...totally chic...cream color with gold and the paper had a pearlized effect...divine...Anyway....I was able to match the paper and the flowers embellish fabulous menu cards for the dinner tables at the venue...Oh! So Very Chic! This wedding hapenned at the breathtaking  Chateau Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta...A Dream location for weddings!
The talented Orange Girl Photographer had captured fabulous photos of this wedding and it was featured on the famous STYLE ME PRETTY website!

sample paper for the menus and my Rosetta flowers!
The finish product!
Table Centerpiece - My flowers on the menus!

Orange Girl Photography

Another photo of the tables...

With these menus in mind...I had showed a lovely bride photos of this fabulous wedding and she asked me if I had any input about the menus...I thought...well...Since I used to make stationery...I can make them! While I was waiting to find back my inspiration for the Rock & Roll wedding bouquets...I made a sample menu for the client...I love it! I even used the embossing technic to embellish the card...I was so only took me 5 minutes to make it so, don't mind all the imperfections...I'm planning to create a few with an actual printed menu to give a better idea! 
Sample Menu Coming Soon in the shop!
Embossing technic!

Totally fabulous menus/wedding invitations!


More to come soon...Until then...Stay well!

Chantal xx

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  1. As always, your talent amaze me! You're so full of creative ideas, it's awesome! Great work :)