Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini-Flowers all over the world!

Yes, that's right! I wanted to add some supplies and embellishments in my Etsy shop... So, I started to make mini-paper flowers!...In one week, I shipped my mini-cuties to Canada,Italy, Spain, Australia, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Scottland, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and all over the States!!! My husband offer to quit is job to help me making flowers...I'm not quite there yet!!! LOL!!! I sell 5 mini-flowers for $1.50 - $2.00...Sorry can't retire just yet!!!


  1. Oh Chantal... those are sooooo cute!! I wish you and your business great success!! What a supportive hubby you have!! Well Chantal just keep making those pretty flowers and you'll be making more money than he is!! LOL!! :) hugs... Tracy

  2. and guess what i got some of them here in Australia...and love them and have order more!!!!

    thanks :):):)