Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OH! So proud to be a WOMAN!!!!!


I'm a true girly-girl at heart!!! This morning I was visiting "Ciao Bella's website" and I came accross a few fantastics photos that I really wanted to share with you...Now...How about this FABULOUS washing machine??? I can just picture myself doing laundry with high heels slippers with feather embellishments on them and a glass of Champagne in my hand!!! LOL!!! So chic...

Bella also wrote a small inspiring post about daydreaming...This is where I saw the photos of that PLUSH bed...Don't you just want to lay on it for a while? So many glamourous photos that makes me "OH! so proud to be a WOMAN".

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  1. love your blog, thanks for your comments on the nostalgie page <3