Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Breeze....

One of my customer, a wonderful bride-to-be....loved my flowers so much she had refered my shop to one of her friend...This the country, fresh look like a summer breeze...I started to create a few samples for her and this is one of them! 
I used white branches - glued tiny green flowers on them and I made small  daisies that I had attached on strings! It's a work in progress...but I like the look so far!

I also came up with these colorful blooms!
Available in many color, the perfect embellishment for any events or craft projects!

And at last...
These are the flowers I have created for a Sweet bride!
I just love those flowers! I hope to have time in the following weeks to make more to list in my shop...These flowers are unique and special!


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Love the plant! Finally - something I wouldn't have to water :) Wonder if I could do that?

  2. Awesome idea! Very pretty!

  3. Of course you can do that Audrey...all you need is a tall vase (I have to get one for myself!) and a tree branche (found in any park near you!) and MY daisies!!! :D Oh! I would gladly give you as a gift a whole bunch of little flowers of the color of your choice!