Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Request for Custom Orders!

Happy Friday!

In the last couple of months I had the pleasure to put together custom orders for fantastic clients!
One of them consisted of mounting flowers on a round  (6") styrofoam base to use the arrangement as a cake topper! I also had to make extra flowers to be mount on the cake to create a cascade effect!
All of this in the rich hues of dark purple, deep red, eggplant and chartreuse green!
The final product is spectacular! The lovely bride share with me a photo of the cake....Im speechless!

The Cake:

Another paper flower request I got was consisting at cutting petal shapes in the paper I had printed the client's parents wedding anniversary vows! Making these flowers had a special meaning...a true celebration of love! So I made 3 roses that I distressed the edge of the petals with red ink and I made 3 red peonies that represent the 3 children. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift  idea...You cannot make it more personal!

A few more orders are in the making...Stay tuned for updates and pictures!
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